Author & Editor

Alice Harman, lead author at The Silver Comma, has written more than 40 books for children, about everything from The Ancient Egyptians to outer space.

She has also created a wide variety of other content for adults and children, with a focus on accessibility, interactivity and originality.

Bonus: Alice translates French to English!


We are experienced in commissioning, developing and editing all sorts of written content – from books and websites to educational and professional resources.

We’re incurably interested in most things, and have a good eye for talented illustrators to bring on board. We have also picked up some image research skills of our own.


Alice’s original book concepts include the award-winning Why Is Art Full of Naked People? and she has created and developed new series of books on subjects including art, science, history, nature, craft, fashion and citizenship.

We love working to a brief and we’re also full of ideas if you’d like us to develop any of our own for you.


We offer creative and editorial consulting services, whether you want to put an original spin on something, bring an editor’s eye to your own work or connect with a new audience.

Alice specialises in creating interactive content that encourages children to explore learning and express themselves independently.